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Our Philosophy

Our Primary Purpose

We are value investors looking for promising, profitable, mid-to-large capitalization companies.

We believe in our fiduciary responsibility to clients as the basis for all investment decisions.

We believe that greed and fear are the ruin of many investors, and we combat them with unemotional discipline, hard work, and an emphasis on honest intellectual inquiry.

We believe long-term returns are generated by identifying the difference between the value of an asset and its price. Identifying this difference requires a combination of “art” and “science” – of intuition developed from experience as well as rigorous systematic analysis.

We believe that clients are best served by companies that preserve a healthy culture.

We believe culture is the foundation of the Bright Investments model and goals. We pursue a performance-based culture focused on achieving investment performance that will enable the goals of our clients and employees.

We believe it is important to align our interests with our clients. Our clients can be assured that we treat their capital no differently than we treat our own. As employee-owners, 100% of our public equity investments are invested alongside our clients.

To that end, performance is our passion.

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