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Institutional Investors

Our clients are:

  • 401(k) Employer Plans
  • Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Endowments, Trusts, Estates and Charitable Organizations
  • Foundations and Universities
  • Family Offices
  • Other Corporations and Business Entities

Our Investment Strategy:

Bright Investments, offers discretionary account management for institutional and private clients. Bright Investments, manages the account on the client’s behalf according to its investment strategy and philosophy, but clients are able to provide restrictions to Bright Investments, that allow greater customization than investing in a mutual fund or hedge fund product.

As a result of individual security ownership, separately managed accounts offer tax flexibility through tax gain/loss harvesting potentially reducing the tax impact of the portfolio. Furthermore, for financial planning purposes, individual portfolio positions may be gifted from a separately managed account. Clients should consult their professional advisors before making any tax or investment decisions. This information should not replace a client’s consultation with a professional advisor regarding their tax situation. Bright Investments, is not a tax advisor.

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